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Top 7 Things To do / Sights To See

If what you’re after is vivid historical culture, beautiful scenery and a plethora of dynamic sporting events, Doncaster is the is the town for you! Some of the notable attractions this market town has to offer are its: railway heritage, acclaimed horse racing and breathtaking architecture.

  1. Doncaster Racecourse

This bustling racecourse is one of the oldest and largest established centres for horse racing in Britain, possessing courses for flat racing and national hunt racing. As well as races, other events such as ‘Ladies Day’ and ‘Gentlemen’s Day’.

  1. Doncaster Dome

Doncaster Dome is one of the region’s premier sports, leisure & entertainment destinations, with over 50 activities taking place under one roof. Make a splash in the Lagoons; a magical 7-pool water world waiting to be explored or Cut the Ice in the Ice Caps; the UK’s only split level ice rink with interconnecting ramps linking two Ice Pads together

  1. Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Home to the only polar bears in the UK, Yorkshire Wildlife Park occupies 100 acres of land and a large variety of other animals! Wander through the enclosures and get up close views of the animals going about their day-to-day lives. From polar bears to leopards to lions, Yorkshire Wildlife Park has so much to see.

  1. Conisbrough Castle

Located on a hill close by to Doncaster, Conisbrough Castle provides stunning views of the town. Delve into the Medieval world of Lord and Lady de Warrenne and admire the spectacle that greets you at the top of the castle’s Keep for a truly eye-opening day.

5. Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

This beautiful Victorian country house is one of the only complete surviving houses of this style in England. Virtually unchanged since the 1860s, Brodsworth Hall offers a glimpse of life there from 1505 up to the modern day.

6. Ashworth Barracks

Get taken on a guided tour by current or ex-service personnel at Ashworth Barracks Military Museum and hear the stories of the men behind the Victoria Cross. Located 10 minutes from Doncaster’s town centre, this museum is a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives for the British Empire. The inclusion of hands-on exhibits also adds an element of fun, with plenty of pistols, rifles and rocket launchers to handle!

Campanile Hotels are proud to be located in Doncaster. 
To get to…
·         Doncaster Racecourse from Campanile: 8 minutes by car.  9 minutes by public transport. 16 minute walk.
·         Doncaster Dome from Campanile: 2 minutes by car.  6 minute walk.
·         Yorkshire Wildlife Park from Campanile: 9 minutes by car.  21 minutes by public transport. 56 minutes walk.
·         Conisbrough Castle from Campanile: 21 minutes by car. 45 minutes by public transport.
·         The Vulcan Experience from Campanile: 20 minutes by car. 38 minutes by public transport.
·         Brodsworth Hall and Gardens from Campanile: 21 minutes by car. 52 minutes by public transport.
·    Asworth Barracks Museum from Campanile: 13 minutes by car. 1 hour 37 minutes by public transport.

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