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Washington (Newcastle)

Top 7 Things To do / Sights To See

Situated just 10 miles away from the Newcastle City Centre, Campanile Washington is the perfect base for a city break away from the noisiness of city life. Although its renowned for its crazy nightlife, Newcastle is also home to beautiful parks and heaps of history which are waiting to be explored.

  1. Beamish Living Museum

Beamish is world famous open-air museum, telling the story of life in North East England during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s. The museum also puts extra special events on all year around. It’s a 300-acre site so make sure you plan your day with their interactive map here.

  1. Victoria Tunnel

One for the history buffs! The Victoria Tunnel is bursting with historical importance, with it being built in the 19th century by Victorian coal-miners and used as a refuge in World War II. Book in for a guided tour to explore what the preserved waggon way has to offer.

  1. The Quayside

A stroll along the River Tyne is a must for visitors when in Newcastle. Take in the Tyne and Millennium Bridges whilst sipping on a cup of coffee at one of the many cafes and restaurants along the way. If you visit on a Sunday, make sure to visit the Quayside Market which features handicrafts and local produce!

  1. Jesmond Dene Park

Jesmond Dene Park was gifted to Newcastle in Victorian times by former industrialist Lord Armstrong. With a wide variety of different paths to follow and explore, this tranquil oasis situated in the city centre offers so much more than a green space. Other features include a children’s play area, café, pets corner and a small lake.

  1. Boulevard Show Bar

Newcastle is renowned for its nightlife, with a wide selection of bars and nightclubs littering the city centre. The Boulevard Show Bar is the ultimate night out in Newcastle, complete with flamboyant costumes, side-splitting comedy and dance acts which provide a night out like no other. Experience something “new” in Newcastle!

  1. St Nicholas Cathedral

An iconic structure within Newcastle, the St Nicholas Cathedral is a beautiful, historic building set within the city centre. The stunning architecture, monuments and rich past provide a wealth of exploration and take you on a learning adventure.

  1. Newcastle Castle

The reason that Newcastle is named how it is, the city’s castle consists of two well-preserved medieval buildings which include the Black Gate and the Castle Keep. Delve into the city’s past and learn about the changes that the attraction has undergone or climb up the stairs of the Keep to admire the views oofthe city and the river!

Campanile Hotels are proud to be located in Washington (Newcastle). 

To get to…

  • Beamish Living Museum from Campanile: 15 minutes by car.  46 minutes by public transport.
  • The Victoria Tunnel from Campanile: 21 minutes by car.  1 hour 10 minutes by public transport.
  • The Quayside from Campanile: 21 minutes by car.  1 hour 7 minutes by public transport.
  • Jesmond Dene Park from Campanile: 23 minutes by car. 1 hour 12 minutes by public transport.
  • Boulevard show bar from Campanile: 16 minutes by car. 51 minutes by public transport.
  • St Nicholas Cathedral from Campanile: 16 minutes by car. 49 minutes by public transport.
  • Newcastle Castle from Campanile: 16 minutes by car. 50 minutes by public transport.

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