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Liverpool: The city of The Beatles, two Premier League football teams, a world heritage site and the former Culture capital. The ‘Capital of Pop’ has more museums and galleries than anywhere outside London and the second largest number of Grade II listed buildings in the UK. So why not pop by and explore the best of such a highly-acclaimed city?

  1. Albert Dock

Did you know that Liverpool’s waterfront is a designated world heritage site? The city’s beautiful docks and old warehouses are a must-see, with most of them being converted into shops, restaurants, exhibitions and museums. Albert Dock is home to the largest group of grade I listed buildings in England and is commended for its architectural importance. It couldn’t be easier to admire these sights, just grab a drink and sit back!

  1. Merseyside Maritime Museum

Found nestled within the docks, history buffs can visit Merseyside Maritime Museum to brush up on the history of the great port of Liverpool. Delve into the Art and Sea Gallery, discover the Titanic and have your eyes opened by the Emigration gallery, all with free entry!

  1. Cavern Club

The underground bar which is widely considered the birthplace of The Beatles is a must-see for all fans of the English rock band. They played here for the first time in the 1960s and over 300 times since, with tribute bands and other live artists performing almost every day. It’s the perfect place to pop by, listen to some live music and have a drink!

  1. Sefton Park

For all the nature lovers, Sefton Park is a 235-acre park filled with lots of caves, waterfalls, statues and monuments to scout out and explore. The green flag and green heritage site offers tranquillity within a busy city.

  1. Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool has 2 cathedrals, with the Anglican Cathedral being the largest in the UK and fifth largest in the world. The epic ceilings, stunning stained glass windows and Gothic architecture are absolutely breath-taking and you can even climb up the towers for a panoramic view of the city!

  1. Anfield Stadium

Here, you will never walk alone. The home of Liverpool Football Club is a popular destination for all football fans, with a museum dedicated to the club and a guided tour available. If you’re not a Reds fan, you could always visit Goodison Park, the home of Liverpool’s rival, Everton.

Campanile Hotels are proud to be located in Liverpool.

To get to…

  • Albert Dock to Backs from Campanile: 4 minutes by car.  13 minutes by public transport. 14 minute walk.
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum from Campanile: 3 minutes by car. 10 minutes by public transport. 13 minute walk.
  • Cavern Club from Campanile: 9 minutes by car. 12 minutes by public transport. 18 minutes walk.
  • Sefton Park from Campanile: 8 minutes by car. 27 minutes by public transport.
  • Liverpool Cathedral from Campanile: 6 minutes by car. 17 minutes by public transport. 19 minute walk.
  • Anfield Stadium from Campanile: 14 minutes by car. 34 minutes by public transport.
  • Goodison Park from Campanile 15 minutes by car. 44 minutes by public transport.

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