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General Manager Profile: Kevin Little, Glasgow

Get to know Glasgow's General Manager better in this Q&A, including his tips for a weekend exploring the Scottish city!

Name: Kevin Dale Little 

Hometown: Northampton. Travelled and worked across the UK from Eastbourne to Liverpool, Hull to Glasgow but spent my earlier career in London. I still cannot get rid of my southern accent!

How long have you worked at Campanile Glasgow? I have been working in Glasgow for five and a half years now; having previously worked for Hilton UK as General Manager. I have also worked for IHG Holiday Inn and De Vere Hotels in General Manager positions.  

What does a typical day as General Manager for Campanile Glasgow entail? Very busy! My day starts at 6.30am, arriving at the hotel where I grab a coffee with the night team and breakfast team.

At around 7.00am I take the time to meet customers, chatting and asking how everything has been for them. The morning is spent replying to emails, and at 10.00am we have our daily communications team meeting with the various departments to address any challenges for that day, and run through customer feedback over the last 24 hours. 

By the time we get to about 1.00pm it’s time to take a break and I will sit with my key team members over a bowl of soup and a sandwich, and we will discuss what’s going on in the business. Individual meetings are normally planned for the afternoons with a regular ‘head of departments’ meeting, health and safety meeting, and I do departmental business reviews  once a month. Then at 5.00pm I’m back checking emails, phone calls and checking the revenue again. I always like to walk around the hotel before going home, check all departments and talk to the team members who are working. Every day is different and it all depends on the time of year, what local events are on and the mix of customers in the hotel, so it’s very interesting and the atmosphere can also change from one day to the next. At 6.30pm it’s time for home.

Describe a typical weekend exploring Glasgow: Glasgow is a fantastic city to spend time in, there is something for everyone – including the Science Museum, the award-winning Transport Museum and some amazing art galleries. But, for a normal day, you need to go into the city centre and find one of the great bars and just watch Glasgow at its best. Buchanan Street for shopping is amazing; nothing beats just sitting enjoying a cup of coffee or a beer and just embracing the culture with its tourists, shoppers, various acts performing acts in the street and busy shops. One thing you will feel and see is the life, the buzz and the energy of Glasgow. I think it’s an amazing place to live.  

Favourite Glaswegian tourist hot-spot: I love the location of Loch Lomond and taking my 18 month old White Scottish Westie Terrier, Daisy, for a walk along the shores especially in the summer. There are some great places to eat and admire the views of the loch and mountains.  

Favourite Cafe Campanile dish: We have the BEST burgers, with the option of building it yourself so adding different items to make it as tasty as you can.

Strangest item someone has left behind in a hotel room: Too rude to mention! Lost property is a very interesting area of our business. I think the most popular items are mobile phone cables and chargers.

Most rewarding/favourite part of the job: Rewarding my team after achieving great results and great customer care. We deal with some big business partners with conferences and sporting events and it’s very rewarding to say thank you to the team for going that extra bit or mile.

Hobbies when I’m not working include: I love watching, following and attending F1 . I also enjoy walking with my dog Daisy. I love cooking with a passion, wine and trying new restaurants and bars. I spent time in my early years in vineyards picking grapes and making wine, so I love wine! And last but not least, I’m a recent newlywed after tying the knot with my lovely wife Joanna earlier this year in Poland.     

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  1. Its reassuring for guests no doubt that, somebody who seems to be a well-rounded human being is in charge of what appears to be a very well respected hotel. It’s this sort of attitude towards your line of work that sometimes rubs off on your members of staff, henceforth: ensuring that the hotels guests are adequately being attended to.

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