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Top 6 Things To do / Sights To See

Did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice? With over 100 miles of canals, plenty of nature parks, hundreds of different eateries and a museum-packed city centre, Birmingham provides something for absolutely everyone.

  1. Birmingham Back to Backs

History buffs who want to delve into Birmingham’s past need not look any further than the Birmingham Back to Backs! These National Trust tours provide a first-hand glimpse into life during the 19th-century Industrial Revolution, telling the stories of working-class families.

  1. Gas Street Basin

A waterway version of the infamous Spaghetti Junction, Gas Street Basin is the heart of Birmingham’s canal network where the old meets the new. The towpaths are lined with bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink overlooking this picturesque snapshot of the past!

  1. Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill is a beautiful find just outside of the city centre, filled with lots of nooks and crannies to relax in on a warm day. Home to natural beauty, a zoo area, eateries and a theatre, Cannon Hill is the perfect balance between nature and civilisation. There’s even a pond where you can rent swan shaped pedalos!

  1. Digbeth Dining Club

Perfect for the foodie, Digbeth Dining Club is a unique eating experience whilst in Birmingham. Filled with individual stalls, music and drink stands, introduce yourself to a new style of food with their wide variety! From Caribbean to Malaysian, vegetarian to meat, crepes to waffles… Digbeth Dining Club will satisfy your foodie needs!

  1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

For your dose of culture, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is situated smack bang in the city centre and is filled with over 40 galleries displaying collections of art, social history, and archaeology. From century-old European art to modern art, this spot offers an unbelievable mixture of history, art and culture. You can even pop to the in-house Edwardian tea rooms after for a pot of tea and a cake, or if you’re feeling slightly more peckish Adams’ Michelin starred restaurant is only a 3-minute wander away.

  1. Brindley Place

Another spot situated on the canal (there’s just so many of them here!), Brindley Place is a collection of restaurants, bars and museums in the centre of Birmingham’s nightlife. Whether you want to have a few drinks before hitting the nightclubs or a romantic meal by the canal, Brindley Place is perfect due to its location! It is also home to the IKON Gallery, an independent modern art gallery which hosts regularly changing exhibitions. Why not immerse yourself in some culture before treating yourself to a cocktail, pint or glass of wine?

Campanile Hotels are proud to be located in Birmingham. 

To get to…

  • Birmingham Back to Backs from Campanile: 9 minutes by car.  19 minutes by public transport. 33 minute walk.
  • Gas street Basin from Campanile: 12 minutes by car. 31 minutes by public transport. 39 minute walk.
  • Cannon Hill Park from Campanile: 13 minutes by car. 41 minutes by public transport.
  • Digbeth Dining Club from Campanile: 8 minutes by car. 25 minutes by public transport. 29 minute walk.
  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery from Campanile: 8 minutes by car. 24 minutes by public transport. 31 minute walk.
  • Brindley Place from Campanile: 10 minutes by car. 36 minutes by public transport. 39 minute walk.

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